Baby massage

At Nurtured Baby and Me we offer two baby massage classes, both in the same Loughborough venue

Beginners baby massage

A lovely 4 week course suitable for babies from 8 weeks to crawling. This course provides the perfect environment for you to bond and connect with your baby whilst enjoying all the incredible benefits that come from baby massage for both parent and baby.

Over the four weeks we will learn massage strokes focused on different areas of the body building up to a full body massage routine. Babies are in charge of all classes and we encourage you to follow your baby’s lead checking they are happy and relaxed. If they want a feed, a sleep or need changing…not a problem! We repeat all the strokes the following week so you can watch and join in once baby feels ready.

There are many health benefits that come from baby massage such as relief from colic, teething and even congestion. It also provides the perfect environment for bonding as it includes eye contact, use of voice, exchange of smell, touch and oxytocin production.

Baby massage can also help with your baby’s development by helping to develop the nervous system and improve the effectiveness of messages being sent from the brain to all areas of the body. Finally, baby massage is relaxing for both you and baby as touch produces feel-good hormones. Both parent and babies’ bodies produce oxytocin promoting a positive, loving and enjoyable environment for both.

This course also includes:

  • a 50ml botte of Tiddley Pom organic baby massage oil
  • a goodie bag full of treats for both you and baby
  • a booklet describing the details of the strokes as well as key information
  • a certificate
  • hot drinks and cakes
  • photo area for pictures on the final week
  • sensory toys
  • singing
  • time for chatting and sharing tips

We provide all equipment including mats, towels and cushions.

Massage and more

Not ready to end your massage journey with us? Massage and more is the perfect follow on from our beginner’s course. Continue to massage your baby whilst having fun with sensory play, singing and more!

This rolling programme changes each week and includes different massage routines as well as play and bonding time. Some weeks we may focus on a particular massage routine (e.g. happy tummy, teething relief) others we will complete the full routine.

We will also focus on some nurturing activities for parents such as mindful breathing, self-care ideas and discussion points.

As always, there will be time for a chat over a cuppa and cakes provided by us.


Trinity Methodist Church Centre, Royland Rd, Loughborough LE11 2EH