Baby Yoga & Developmental Play

Baby yoga is a really fun, interactive and engaging activity with so many benefits for both you and baby. Each session includes baby massage, relaxation and breathing techniques for parents, yoga inspired poses and stretches for both babies and parents, singing, tummy time, swings, dips & holds and lots more!

Through developmental play and meaningful touch you can support your baby to enjoy and explore their developing skills building the foundation for future milestones. Baby yoga not only promotes health and developmental benefits for babies but also helps to create positive attachments and strong loving connections with parents, which supports babies’ emotional and social development.

Baby yoga has so many incredible benefits including developing baby’s vestibular system (responsible for balance and movement) and proprioception (body and spatial awareness). It can also soothe discomfort, strengthen muscles and joints, boost circulation and digestion and help with communication and language skills.

Baby Yoga – 4 week block £42

Baby Yoga & Developmental Play – 4 week block £42